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Advice on Writing Papers in College

So many papers in college so little time. 5 pages here, 20 pages there. It’s like all us students every do is prepare for the next all nighter spent writing papers. And then there’s the two types of students.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 7.29.52 PM

Regardless of what type of student you are, here are some tips to ace that paper you spent 24 straight hours writing.

Know what kind of writer you are
If you thrive under pressure (like myself) I won’t tell you to start your paper two week early because honestly it’ll probably suck. If you are the opposite, I would give you the opposite advice. I’ve know The Good and The Bad alike, and the key to writing is to know how you do your best work. However, it’s always recommended that you don’t write it the day before, so you have time to proofread that goes for you too procrastinators. 

Grammar Check
It’s annoying and dumb most of the time, but it’s worth it. You will get many useless points taken off just because you didn’t read through it and check your spelling a grammar. You in the back shouting about Spell Check, I can say “too apples” instead of “two apples” and Spell Check won’t catch it, so proofread. Otherwise you look like that idiot who doesn’t know the difference between there, they’re, and their.
Pro Tip: If you really hate reading your work over, give it to someone else to read. They’ll catch more mistakes than you will anyway.

Write an outline of some sort
Again, I know this is annoying, but it’s important to get your thoughts together on one page and make sure your paper has a natural flow BEFORE righting it. You don’t want to be on page 8, realize it’s a shit thesis, and make the decision of rewriting the whole thing, or trying to salvage what’s left of your broken dreams. SO WRITE AN OUTLINE AND MAKE SURE IT MAKES SENSE. I promise it’ll be worth it.

Try to get as much done, as quick as possible
If you write a paper over an expanse of several days, it is easy to loose yourself and forget where you were going with your paper. It is much easier to set some time aside for a couple days and at least get the bare bones. You can add filler for weeks, but the bare bones should be written in a couple days at most. Your outline should help you keep track of where you wanted to go with it if you do end up getting lost.

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A Tale of New Friends

I’ve started graduate school recently (going for my M.S. in Forensic Technology) and I happen to be staying at the same school I did my undergrad degree. There are a small handful of us (about 6) that went to undergrad at the school, and are staying for this program in particular. There are only about 25 people in the program so we are getting to know each other pretty well. In this grouping of people there are only 2 international students. These people were the first friends I made in grad school. Continue reading “A Tale of New Friends”

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Overwhelmed but Surviving

School started last week for me, much like the rest of you, and grad school + work = a very overwhelmed Ashley (hence my lack of posts…sorry friends). Only one week in and I already have an incredible amount that I have to read, while working 20 hours a week for just enough money to pay my bills. Sometimes it feels like my head is going to pop right off. But regardless of all my anxiety I still wanted to find time today to share some wisdom I’ve picked up about school and stress relief.  Continue reading “Overwhelmed but Surviving”

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Heads Up for This Week

Hello followers!

At the moment I am couch ridden with a heating pad. My cramps are through the roof due to switching between medications at the moment. On top of that I will be working a full 40 hours this week when I normally work 20 hours. So I would like to apologize for a lack of posts on my blog this week. Most likely, whenever I’m home I’m going to want to sleep.

Send me some positive vibes! I’ll post when I can!

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Why I Almost Failed College

When I started college, I felt like I was so ready for the adventure. I was ready to meet new people and enjoy new life experiences. I was ready to get away from the small community an all girls high school brings, and branch out to find out who I am as a person. I wanted to “sow my wild oats” so to speak. What I wasn’t ready for was my classes.  Continue reading “Why I Almost Failed College”

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To Those Who Hate Greek Life…I Feel You

With school starting soon, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge Greek Life. I don’t post a lot about Greek Life on the regular but it’s something I wish I had learned about sooner. And I want to share my experiences to those of you new to college or entering soon, just so you can go in with an open mind.

First off, I went into college with no intention whatsoever of going Greek. I didn’t buy into the exclusivity and I didn’t think I needed something like that. Greek life was parties to me. It was shallow people being friends because they couldn’t make their own, and it was honestly just everything I wasn’t…or so I thought. A lot of stereotypes floated around in my head and to me they were very real. I didn’t seriously think about Greek life until mid way through my sophomore year. Reason being because my roommate was a sorority and I loved her, her sisters, and the bond they all had. They were always together, and the more I watched them together, the more I realized I didn’t have that. AND the more I realized I wanted that.

I had always been outspoken about how I didn’t like Greek life. I always thought the rituals were that of a cult and that everyone hazed and partied; I wouldn’t stand for something condoning those behaviors. So when I started voicing to my boyfriend and friends that I was thinking about rushing, everyone was nervous. No one understood why, and everyone thought I was a hypocrite. I basically told them to suck it up and rushed anyway.

After rush week was over I had become very attached to the girls I had met and never expected such an attachment. When I didn’t get a bid, I was very upset but I understood. To this day I am still not bitter with any of the girls or the organization for not granting me a bid, because they are the reason I wanted to join Greek life in the first place. That semester I learned that organization wasn’t for me.

Long story short, I ended up founding a new chapter of Alpha Sigma Kappa on my campus and I love my org and I love greek life. So I went from someone whom was very closed minded to someone thriving in the community. All I had to do was see myself in it and decide I wanted it. However, I will not pretend like Greek life is perfect and for everyone. It gets catty and you won’t like everyone. Some organizations haze despite the vigilance of the majority to try to end it. A lot still needs to be fixed among greek life. But when you find your org, you know it’s for you. You know it’s where you need to be. You feel like you’re home. And that is a feeling I wouldn’t trade for the world.

So just keep an open mind. Learn more about your greek life on campus. You never know what may be in store for you.

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Advice on Picking a Major and Possibly Changing that Major

Hello fellow learning enthusiast also known as student. Let me ask you something that you’ve either been asked or will be asked at least 2,000 more times, what is your major? If you need help picking one, or you are starting to get cold feet, fear not. Similar to tour guide, I will help you navigate all your options. Incoming and current students alike, let’s explore the world of academia.  Continue reading “Advice on Picking a Major and Possibly Changing that Major”

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New Recipe! Potato Gnocchi and Mushrooms

It’s been a while since I posted a new recipe. Tonight I tried something new and it ended up being quite a success. It’s vegetarian, and as a non-vegetarian I still think it’s absolutely delicious. I personally loved how simple it was and it’s very filling. The recipe makes for a serving of 4, so if you are like myself and just making for one, you’ll have leftovers for a few nights which is always helpful.

What you’ll need:

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 8.06.37 PM.png

What you’ll do:

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 8.07.04 PM.png

For the full recipe visit:

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Fall Bucket List

WHO’S EXCITED FOR FALL?!?!?! Okay so this morning I go to walk my dog Champ (check out a cute pic HERE) this morning and I step outside around 10am and I immediately feel like I’ve walked into a thick, energy draining, life sucking, invisible fog. The humidity and I have never gotten along.

Since I can’t be exploring outside because of the disgust I feel about the heat, I’ve decided to get even more excited about the fall. Fun Fact: Fall is my favorite season. I love literally everything about it and I consider it the happiest time of year. Here’s a checklist of things I want to accomplish this fall (I hope you’ll join me).

  • Go Hiking (for me preferably at Sleeping Giant)
  • Go apple picking
  • Go pumpkin picking
  • Take artsy pictures
  • Go exploring (maybe haunted places…maybe not…we’ll see)
  • Drink apple cider and hot coco
  • Find a spot outside and start writing
  • Go to a bonfire
  • Play a pickup soccer game
  • Take long drives with the roof down
  • Make an apple pie
  • Eat a candy apple
  • Carve a pumpkin
  • Celebrate Oktoberfest
  • Binge all childhood halloween movies
  • Throw/Attend Halloween Party
  • Throw Friendsgiving
  • Go vineyard hopping
  • Attend a fall festival
  • Go bike riding downtown
  • Make s’mores

I’m ready for some beautiful leaves, crisp air, and cosy layers. Are you?

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The Basics

Going back to school is both fun and crippling. All your free time is spent stressing about school, or trying your best to forget the fact that you normally are stressing about school. Preparing for the lifestyle change of going back to school can usually help you manage time more efficiently and overall have a better experience. So students, have a seat and welcome to Going Back To School 101.

Chapter 1: Friends
Let’s start with the stuff you are most excited for. Your friends will be waiting there for you with open arms. Sure some of them you saw over the summer. But let’s be honest here. There are plenty of class friends (we usually don’t hang out after school but I still appreciate your presence) that you are excited to see and chat about summer with. The first day will most likely be filled with stories and retellings of vacation with family or that time you met a cute boy while you were down the shore. Enjoy all of that, because once you step into class it’ll be back to business.

Chapter 2: Class
Now the least favorite; sitting in class. All you want to do is hang out with your friends. Maybe the first day class seems to go by relatively quickly, however the classes may begin to get longer and slower as the week goes on. Have no fear, this is part of the adjustment of getting back to school. The important thing to know is as you get older, there is less and less syllabus time. No longer will you have a whole class dedicated to ice breakers and syllabus reading. It’s more so going over the syllabus, no questions, and then learning. Sometimes on the first day it’s even supplemental so you don’t even need it for a test. It’s just to prep you for the rest of the course. My advice: try to go into all your classes assuming that you will have to work and take notes and you won’t even have time to socialize because your brain will be too overwhelmed trying to take in all the information. That way it seems better than you originally thought and it’s easier to stay focused.

Chapter 3: Time Management
I could be like many other blogs and show you a picture of a beautifully organized, color coded agenda and tell you that this is the key to time management. However, that would be a lie. If the highly organized agenda does help you, than by all means go for it. However, I am a firm believer that no one way of organizing that works for everybody. Here’s a couple options to keep track of what you have to get done and when.

  • Agenda/Planner (as noted above)
  • Calendar for the wall (could be white board or just a dollar store calendar)
  • To do lists (these always helped me, however they made my roommate more stressed out)
  • An app (there are agenda apps. I recommend Opus One Lite for apple users, and My Study Life for all users)
  • A notebook/journal (maybe a bullet journal of sorts)

In the end, it’s whatever works for your style of life. The important thing is to know when deadlines are and make sure you still have a social life. If you manage your time wisely, you should be able to still hang out with friends (even if it is a study date).
Here’s some homework, read this for some great tips:

Chapter 4: Get Involved
You’ve gotten past your first week. You have your friends, you’ve started class, and you have your agenda so you can at least feel like your life is together. Now it’s time to start getting involved. Don’t give me the old But I just don’t have time with all this homework. I was a forensic science student, was in two clubs, and still found time to be the Founding President of a sorority. If I, in my chaotic and disheveled lifestyle and mannerisims, can do all that, you can surely try to join a club. So what are your hobbies? What are some things that bring you joy? What’s something you never saw yourself doing? Go to a meeting for a club about it. *cough cough actively participating in the club is the best don’t just go to the first meeting then never go back cough cough*

But Ashley why do I have to join a club in the first place? I have friends,  free time and I like my life. Here’s why student: Clubs make you part of a community of people, and you will gain benefits from a community that you would gain nowhere else. Think of it like this, society consists of groups inside of groups. I was born and raised in NJ so I am part of the Jersey community. Then I went to CT for school, so I became a part of the community that went away to school. Then I went to UNH, so that’s another community. I joined a club, another community. I joined Greek Life, another community. And so on. Now I have all these people that I can relate with and who have things in common with me. Anyone I ever meet that went/goes to UNH I automatically have a bond with because we went to the same school.

Kids who go to college.jpg

The more communities you are a part of, the more people you have. The more people you have, the more you want to make a difference in your community and help others. You will find your own benefits for sure, but the long and short of it is that you will become a part of something bigger than you.

Final Words
This concludes the Basics of what is important to keep in mind when going back to school. I hope this puts you in the mindset you need to be in to tackle this year. Remember that you can do whatever you set your mind to, and we make choices everyday that dictate what kind of person we want to be. So, what do you want to be this year?